Aron Homberg


Hi, my name is Aron! I'm living in Munich, Germany. I love software development, nature, sports and music.

On a rainy day, you may find me in a Boulderwelt or in front of my laptop. I enjoy long hiking trips, mountain biking and slacklining.


I'm a techie who works in online business for more than 15 years in varying roles and positions (freelancer/employee & developer to CTO/founder).

I implemented a lot of web projects based on JavaScript, Java, PHP and databases. I've written a book on Ext JS (O'Reilly), held some talks and a myriad of developer trainings.

I gained deep insights into software systems for Payments, Banking, Publishing, Social Networks, Energy, Logistics, Insurance, SEM/SEA , GIS and OLAP big data analysis.

As a techie

In 1996 I started playing around with an old C-64. Shortly before Google was born in 1998, I first discovered the Internet.

When I finally started creating websites, I must have been around 12 years old. Since then, I love to discover and master new web technologies.

My professional focus lies on user front-end technologies and scalable, reliable back-end systems. You can find some code of mine on GitHub.